Farm Wife in Training: The Truck & The Trailer (And Parking Brake Failure)

Dear Country Boy occasionally jokes that the price he had to pay for his bride-to-be was a truck, a trailer, two saddles, and a horse.

I have greatly enjoyed driving the 3/4 ton Dodge truck and 24 ft stock trailer. I “borrowed” it to haul to a number of horse shows the summer. I have only (so far) put one dent in it. I made a wrong turn, and had to turn around-which involved some interesting backing up, and hit the toolbox with the nose of the trailer. Whoops!

Farm Wife in Training: The Truck & The Trailer (And Parking Brake Failure)
Since then, I have been improving my backing skills! With help, I can now back the trailer to the cattle loading lane. See, when I am not borrowing the trailer to go to some horse thing, it’s real job is to move cattle. 


Last Saturday, the truck and trailer had a big job. We needed to deliver cattle that we had sold.

Dear Country Boy had parked the truck (leaving it still running-it was a little chilly on this fall morning!) at the top of the driveway. The plan was to load up the 4 wheeler-an essential piece of equipment for rounding up cattle-then drive out to the rented pasture where the cattle are. I snapped the photo above while Dear Country Boy was grabbing the 4 wheeler ramps out of the shed.

I lined up the ramps, then Dear Country Boy drove the 4 wheeler into the trailer. He hit the brakes once he got into the trailer, and the sudden movement caused the trailer to shift. Then it began to roll….

I had been standing on the passenger side, at the back of the trailer. I ran, as fast as I could, the truck rolling down the driveway, gaining speed. I opened the passenger door, and leapt into the cab. I clambered over the center console (which of course was folded down in the way) and swung my feet over the shifter into the drivers seat. In front of me the cornfield was looming closer, and not too far beyond it, the creek.

I stomped on the emergency brake-but it was already down!

I stomped again, this time on the regular brake. We skidded to a stop.

I just sat there for a minute, my legs shaking. I put the truck in first, and shut it off. Dear Country Boy was standing outside the driver’s window. The passenger door was still open.

“Lets NOT do that again!” I told him.

He just nodded.

A little later (after my breathing and heart rate had returned to normal) he said “Thanks for saving the truck,” and gave me a hug.

I think this Future Farm Wife gets an A+ for the week!