Farm Wife in Training: Don’t get attached to the calves, steers, or cull cows

As a Farm Wife In Training, I have some daily chores. It is my job to care for the six horses we have (feed, turnout, clean stalls, etc) and also feed the calves that will be shipped this fall, and feed the one cull cow that will be made into hamburger and put into our freezer.

I like feeding the calves. We have three heifer calves that we will be keeping, and 6 bull calves that will be sold as feeder calves later this fall. I grain them twice a day, so most of them are getting friendly. I have named them all, and of course I have a few favorites. Like little Beefcake, the smallest and cutest little bull calf. And Frieda, my friendly heifer calf. Even Ribeye has settled in (see the Adventures in Calf Weaning blog post to meet the rambunctious Ribeye). The heifer calves have “normal” names since we will be keeping them, and the bull calves got “food” names to remind me to NOT get attached the them.


The cull cow is also very friendly. She didn’t have a calf this year, and with the drought we cut back on how many cows we kept. She has been living the pampered life lately, out on the small pasture and I feed her corn twice a day to fatten her up. Her registered name is Winning Moore (most of the cows are registered) but I call her Mandy.

Dear Country Boy is amused that I name all of the animals. I even named the truck-Hilda-he wasn’t as amused by that. He told me the other day that he didn’t mind that I named the cows and calves, but that I had better be ok with shipping them or eating them.

I understand where meat comes from. I enjoy a nice steak, or a yummy juicy burger. I have to admit though, I might have a hard time when Mandy leaves. When I pick up a pack of hamburger from the store, or even when I deer hunt, I hadn’t spent time every day feeding the animal. I certainly didn’t pet them!

So the section that should be highlighted, bold, and underlined in the Farm Wife In Training Textbook-
Do Not Get Attached To The Calves, Steers, Or The Cull Cows.

Because you might have to eat them later.

I will get back to ya’ll later, after all the steer calves are sold and after Mandy is shipped, on whether or not I pass this Farm Wife Lesson. Right now I am thinking I would only get a C on this test!