Farm Wife in Training: Lessons in the Office

Not all of the Farm Wife in Training lessons are outdoor tasks requiring physical labor.
(Good news, right?)One of my indoor tasks as a Farm Wife in Training is converting this:

Farm Wife in Training: Lessons in the Office
into this:
When we are working in the pasture, a few scribbles in a small notebook is the beginning of our very sophisticated record keeping process. When we get home, it is my job to decipher the scribbles and enter the changes into our computer record keeping program.

For some reason, Dear Country Boy has been a little busy this year, and updating the cattle records has been pushed to the back burner. So updating the records was a bit of a challenge-but nothing that this Computer Savvy Future Farm Wife can’t handle!

First, he had somehow deleted the CattleSoft program on his computer, and lost his records. It was pretty easy for me to redownload the program, and luckily he had backed up his records, so I was a hero and managed to revive them all.

The second task was more difficult – matching up the cow/calf pairs. That was hard because some of the cows have names, and some just numbers (ok, so there are 2 cows I haven’t named yet! I’m working on it!) To make things even more challenging, Dear Country Boy named some of the cows after their mothers. For example, we have a cow named Angel, and a cow named Winning Angel. And a cow named Spice, and a cow named Salida Spice. But I digress.

Once I got all of the cow/calf pairs matched up, then it was pretty easy to update the records.  I even got fancy and added photos of the heifer calves we are keeping to their files.

So if you are looking for a Farm Wife job, it is super helpful to have some basic computer skills. And lots of patience. Because you will probably have to take care of most of the record keeping.

The Farm Dogs helping me in the office.

I know I earned an A+ since I was able to “save” his “deleted” program and revive the files from a backup. Since I passed the record keeping test with flying colors, Dear Country Boy has now added paying the bills and book keeping to my list of “indoor chores.”

As long as he keeps helping with the dishes, I am ok with it. 🙂