Farm Wife in Training: Final Grade on the "Don’t get attached to the calves, steers, or cull cows" lesson

A week ago Thursday, we shipped the steer calves.

I think I failed this lesson. I cried. I couldn’t help it – I had gotten attached to my little Beefcake. How do you not get attached to these cute little calves when you feed them everyday? Beefcake was friendly, and let me pet him, and he liked having right behind his ears scratched.


Dear Country Boy felt a little bad for me. He offered to keep and feed Beefcake for another year, but then reminded me that we would put him in the freezer then.

I decided it would be easier to sell him now as a feeder steer than eat him ourselves!

A little later, After we got all of the steer calves loaded and the truck was gone, when we got back into the house, Dear Country Boy handed me the Select Sires catalog. “Pick out a bull you like to breed Beefcake’s mama to, we can make you another Beefcake.”

Awwww…..isn’t that sweet?

I hope Paprika (Beefcake’s mama) has a heifer calf next though, so I can actually keep it!

Final Grade: C+. (Dear Country Boy says I got a passing grade because I didn’t get attached to all of the steer calves, just the one.)