Farm Wife in Training: Have Truck, Will Haul (And Working Late to Beat the Weather)

Last weekend (11-10/11-11) we continued working on our water lines project. We began by taking a trip to Menard’s for supplies. We needed to get 8″ diameter plastic pipe to install the new automatic waterers.

The only 8″ plastic pipe that Menard’s had only comes in a 20′ length. We had brought Hilda (Yes, I named the truck). A 20′ piece of pipe doesn’t really fit in the bed of a pickup truck.


No big deal, we can strap it down! 
So we made it back home with the pipe strapped to the top of the truck.
Our next job-insulate the pipe.
By wrapping fiberglass insulation around it.
It was like making the pipe a big candy cane!
Farm Wife in Training: Have Truck, Will Haul (And Working Late to Beat the Weather)
After we got the pipe insulated, we took a break from the water line project to work on the fence project. The fence had been let down to let tractors in to plant in the spring, and it hadn’t been re-tightened afterwards. So we had a lot of work to do, fixing broken lines and clearing the vines and weeds that have overgrown the lines. This project had to get done, so that we could bring the cows home next weekend. It took most of the afternoon, but we got the fence all fixed.

It was just getting dark when we returned to the water lines project. After checking the weather, we decided that we had better try to finished setting our insulated pipe and filling the holes-rain was forecasted for that night and the entire day Sunday, and we didn’t need anymore moats! Good thing that the skidsteer has bright lights! We placed the two insulated pipes for the automatic waterers, and back-filled in the holes. For one of the waterers, we had to set two posts too.

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Rain started sprinkling on us as we were finishing the last hole, but we got it done! It was after 10pm when we finally got inside!

I get an A+ for the day, cause I cooked Dear Country Boy supper then! For those that really know me, I didn’t burn it either!

Future Farm Wives: Be prepared to get funny looks as you drive down the road with God-Knows-What strapped to the truck, and also to work long after the daylight is gone to beat the rain.

Although, I know I wouldn’t have it any other way!