Farm Wife in Training: The Show Must Go On

Last weekend was a tough weekend.

Our horse, Babs, colicked on Sunday morning. She twisted her intestine, so our options were a very expensive surgery with a long and difficult recovery, or to put her down. It was heartbreaking, but we decided the best option would be to put her down.

It made Sunday a very difficult day. Dear Country Boy and I are both animal lovers, we do what we do because we love our animals. The horses, dogs, cows, even the barn cat.

It is because of our animals that we cannot just lock ourselves up in the house and wallow in grief. We have too many mouths to feed, too many chores to do.

Despite our tragedy this weekend, we did manage to get a lot of chores done.

We moved our cattle from the summer pasture to the home farm for the winter.

We dewormed all of our cattle. Actually, I am pretty sure that Dear Country Boy and I also got dewormed in the process!

We put up fence to let the bulls out on the corn field.

We moved the big water tanks, since our automatic waterers are still not finished.

My tire curse struck again, and we had a flat tire on the trailer to change. (For the record, this is the 3rd flat tire this year-one on the truck, and two on the trailer.)

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On Monday night I rode along on the tractor, raking up corn fodder, so that we can make more bales.

We were blessed to have Babs for the short time that we did. God must have needed a sweet mare to ride in Heaven, but we sure miss her. It has been tough for both of us. Sometimes I feel like it would be easier and less heartbreaking to just sell every animal we own and get a house plant instead. (Although I do not have a good track record of keeping houseplants alive, so maybe that wouldn’t be a good idea either.)

Farm Wife in Training: The Show Must Go On

Babs, all wrapped up in her blankets like a Christmas present.

I know that there is no way that Dear Country Boy and I could go without our animals. Despite the heartbreaks, they also do bring us a lot of joy. Whether it is watching the heifers run across the fields, playing fetch with our dogs, or riding the horses along the field roads, we know that our lives would be empty without them.