Farm Wife in Training: Review Weekend

I know there are a gazillion and one things to do on the farm, and the weather was supposed to be perfect on Thanksgiving Day, but we took the day off from farm chores and went to visit my Dad and Step-Mom in Chicago. We had a great dinner with my family, and then we went to the zoo! Dear Country Boy didn’t even complain about spending 8 hours in a car in one day or missing out on one day of working on projects.

Farm Wife in Training: Review Weekend

Zebras at the Zoo!

Friday was back to work for us. Honestly, it seemed like a review of skills that I have learned this fall. We had what seemed like a gazillion corn stubble bales that needed to be hauled off the field. My job was driving the truck around the field as Dear Country Boy loaded bales onto the wagons. No biggie-I can handle that!

How many bales can we fit on the wagons? 18!

2012-11-23 15.08.53

Things were going pretty good for most of the day….until the tire curse struck again! Good thing we have an air compressor at home, we were able to put some more air in the tires and we were back to work! Nothing that we can’t handle! We were able to haul most of the bales off the field on Friday.

2012-11-23 15.26.37

On Saturday morning we went and picked up our new Hereford bull! Meet Bruiser!

2012-11-24 10.57.21

The rest of the day we worked mostly on fixing the fence. We had cleared most of the brush off of it the week before, and the voltage for the fence was around 4,000, but Dear Country Boy was concerned since we had put the bulls out. By the end of the day Saturday that fence voltage was around 8,000 volts! That should keep the bulls in!
2012-11-29 15.34.21

The Bulls: Hitman, Bruiser, and Merrill

We also made a little space in the fence with the wires high enough for my calves to sneak through, but too low for the cows to fit so that I can creep feed them. It is kinda cute, when I walk out there with a feed bucket, I feel like a mama duck with all my little calves following in a row!
2012-11-25 13.07.44

My heifer calves

Sunday morning we picked up some more corn stubble bales that Dear Country Boy had bought from a friend. These bales were wider than the others, so we couldn’t put them 2 wide on the 2nd trailer, which helps stabilize them. Dear Country Boy put some straps on the bales to hold them, and figured it would be good.


About halfway home the bales started to lean. We put a few more straps on it, and managed to get them home by driving slowly and super carefully!

2012-11-25 10.57.53

The Leaning Tower of Corn Stubble!

Overall a pretty good weekend! Lots of work got done, and we even managed to cut out early on Sunday afternoon and pick up a Christmas tree!

2012-11-28 22.10.10