Farm Wife In Training: Barn Cleaning

The past weekend we hit the oh-crap-winter-is-here-and-we-have-4-weeks-before-our-wedding scramble!

Dear Country Boy and I are trying to get the farm all set up before we leave for a few weeks so that it is easier for our friends to take care of all the animals.

We found a good deal on some 2 ton grain bins, so nobody has to deal with lifting 100 lb bags of grain.



Then we cleaned out a section of the old barn so that all of the cattle feed was easy to mix and measure out. (See the scale hanging?) I didn’t take a before picture, but I am sure some of you can imagine what an old barn that hasn’t been use for 5 years can look like!
Farm Wife In Training: Barn Cleaning
We managed to sneak away from the farm work for a day to go an pick out our wedding bands, and look for a new car to replace my old Honda (aka Betty) who is on her last lug nuts. Old Betty and I put on over 250,000 miles, and she only ever left me stranded once. However, Dear Country Boy always worried about me anytime I drove it anywhere, and insisted that she needed to be replaced. So after a little bit of searching, we found what we both wanted! A new Jeep Compass! Dear Country Boy is happy that we will have a more fuel efficient vehicle to drive down to Arizona in 3 weeks. I am super happy to have a 4 wheel drive vehicle-Especially since it is snowing as I write this, and the weather channel is predicting a major winter storm for the next two days with over 10 inches of snow!
Farm Wife In Training: Barn Cleaning
 I named her Dixie. Hey-if Daisy Duke can have a Jeep named Dixie, so can I!