When the Farmer is Away, the Cows will Play (The struggles of a Farm Wife when her husband leaves for a week!)

Last Monday my Hubby left at 5 am for Wyoming for the week.

Leaving me to take care of 34 cattle, 7 horses, 2 goats, 2 dogs and a cat.

Oh yeah, and also to take care of our 4 1/2 month old son.

If that wasn’t enough, I also do have a full-time office job in town.

No big deal, right? Before he left he made sure that automatic waterers were working, that all of the pens had round bales, that grain was ordered, and the fence fixed so that the cows could be out on the corn stalks. So for chores all I needed to do was fill one water tank, throw hay to the horses, and grain the horses, calves, and the bull, and feed the goats. Chores would only take about 20 minutes in the morning, and maybe 40 minutes in the evening.

No worries-I can handle that!

At 6:30 am, I got out of the shower, looked out the window, and saw that most of our cows were out in our yard.

cows on the lawn

Well, this sucks!

It was only 7 degrees out, so I opted to put the baby in the pack n’ play where he would be safe and warm while I ran outside.

Luckily, most of our cows we raised as heifers, and they know what a bucket means. All but three of them followed me and a bucket of grain back into the pasture where they belong.

The last three, however, didn’t want to go in.

So I called my hubby, obviously upset and mad at this point. Ok, so I was crying. And maybe didn’t use very polite language.

I mean, come on. Why do the cows hate me? After 15 minutes of unsuccessful trying, I had given up and gone inside with the baby. If anyone would have shown up, I would have sold every cow on the farm for $1/head.

So Hubby calls his Dad (Paw Paw), who was able to leave work to come and help.

By the time he arrived, it had warmed up slightly, and since getting the last three cows in was not a one person job, I dressed our little farm helper in three layers of warm clothes, a hat, and put him in the baby carrier and snuggled him up underneath my coat. (Side note-the baby carrier is one of my favorite things that allows me to carry him around and still have two hands to get a job done-thanks Grandma Deloris for the helpful gift!)

Between the three of us, we managed to get the three bovine escapees back into the pasture with their friends.

Next Paw Paw checked the fence to see how the cows got out. He even tested the fence to see if it was still working. It was.

A little bit of walking around and investigating showed us the answer to the escaped cow problem.

open gate

Hubby had left a panel open, allowing the cows to escape.

It was a good thing he was gone for a week, cause it took me a few days to cool down and get over being mad at him for this one!