I should have learned this by now!

On Friday we shipped the feeder calves.

And when my hubby pulled out of the driveway with them all loaded, I cried.

I should have learned this lesson not last year, but the year before that, to NOT give the feeder calves names.

(In case you are wondering, their names were Big Guy, Amigo, Trouble, Little Buddy, Twinkie, Flashy, and Hugo.)

Which is a little hard not to do when they are little adorable, cute baby calves.

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Writing this post reminded me of the poem “The Weather” by Red Steagall.

In it, he says “I can’t move to the desert for the winter, because I would get to missing my cows, and I am right partial to them cows. I’m there when they’re calving, and the missus gives each one a name.”

This is one of my favorite poems, I also am “right partial” to our cows. As we care for them and their calves throughout the year, we get to know their different temperaments. Some of the calves are bold and outgoing, playful. Others are timid. Some are flighty. Some of the cows don’t want you to mess with their newborn calf. And, it proves that I am not the only one that names the calves.

So even though I probably should have learned this by now, I know that when this year’s calves start arriving in a few weeks time, I will still give each one a name.

To listen to “The Weather” poem, click https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hf9SIJuwjQ8