Must Have Baby Items for an Active Farm Wife

I can’t believe our little cowboy is 5 months old already. Where did the time go?

colton playing

Someone asked me the other day how I did it-how did I take care of the baby, and also help take care of the 30+ cows, handful of horses, goats, dogs and don’t forget the cat!

I didn’t really have an answer for them. I thought about it that night, and it really just comes down to prioritizing what has to get done, and doing that first. Much of the time what has to get done first is feeding the baby, and I am really lucky that for the most part he is a happy, easy going baby that enjoys being outside.

That, and I have a two very helpful items that make it possible for us to be active and bring our little cowboy along with us as we work on the farm.

The #1 Most Helpful Baby Item: Baby Carrier

I got a Baby Bjorn as a baby shower gift from my Grandma, and we use it almost daily. With the Baby Bjorn I can have both hands to fix fence, carry grain buckets, or work the chute. In cooler weather I zip him up under my jacket and put a hat on him. An added bonus-I’ve worked off the baby weight faster carrying him around!

You can get one here: Baby Bjorn from Amazon

1609935_10100337173839570_8730801538416709663_nchecking cows fixing fence

The #2 Most Helpful Baby Item: Jogging Stroller

Because let’s face it-there is no such thing as even ground on a farm. And sometimes I get tired of carrying a 20 lb baby!

The big tires on this stroller easily move over rough terrain. This stroller was compatible with my infant car sear, so when he was littler I could just snap the car seat right onto the stroller. This was a shower gift from my other grandma and aunts. An added bonus-it folds up easily to store in the back of my jeep when we travel!

Baby Trend Jogging Stroller



jogging stroller shed part 1


Between those two things I’ve been pretty much able to take care of our animals and a baby. And get some fresh air and exercise at the same time!

What baby items have made life easier for you?